What’s the best way to order a cake or contact The Bakery?

Email is the quickest way of contacting us. We don’t take orders over the phone, text or whatspp! Please do be patient with email replies, as Fatima replies to the emails herself, and she’s in the kitchen most of the day. If you email hasn’t been answered within 24 hours please do resend.

How much notice do we need to give for an order?

The more notice you give us the better, as we tend to get booked up pretty fast and we seriously feel guilty turning an order down.

Do you offer a delivery service?

We do offer a delivery service on large wedding cakes. We deliver these on the day of the wedding after arranging a time with your wedding co-ordinator, however, due to still having a very small team, we are not yet able to deliver small daily cakes. The Bakeress’s little pink Figaro, just about fits her in, so theres not much space left for the cakes! Plus we are definitely worth visiting!

Where are you located?

We are based in Forestgate East London. Our nearest stations are Forestgate, Manor Park and Woodgrange park. These are all roughly a ten minutes walk away.

Do the prices of the cake vary?

Each cake is designed to suit your personal style and requirements, no two cakes made by us are ever exactly the same. The price will always vary depending on the amount of detail and the number of servings you would like. So that’s right folks, a 6 inch cake and a 14 inch cake have a substantial difference in price!

Does The Bakery have parking facilities?

The bakery is situated in a permit holders only section, and our traffic wardens are pretty active on their scooters, with their cameras ever ready! We do however have a drive way, which you are welcome to park in, if theres space. Otherwise its best to bring someone with you when collecting, so they can scare off the traffic warden whilst sitting in the car!

Is a deposit required when placing an order?

Once all details of the cake have been given, and a price has been agreed, we then require a 50% deposit transferred to our account. Once the deposit is paid, you can drop us an email and only then can we finalise the order. When we ask for a deposit, this isn’t because we don’t trust you, it's simply because we get so many orders a day, that it’s a simpler way to 'sieve' out the serious orders from those who are just enquiring.

Can we make changes to the order once its been placed?

We like each of our clients to be happy with their cakes, however making changes near the date of your collection, makes it very difficult for us to stay organised, and thats when mistakes tend to take place. Hence its best to make sure all information is correct when placing the order, so we can work on making the best cake possible for you. If however, you really do need make a change to your order, please try and give us a minimum seven days notice to make the change and we will try our best to cooperate. Thank you!

Do you hire out cake stands?

If it’s a wedding cake you’ve booked, then we do have a selection of stands from which you can choose from. These have a small hiring charge, which vary according to each stand. With wedding cakes, we do recommend hiring a stand, as this gives the cake added height, especially if it’s a smaller cake.

Do you offer baking classes or training?

At the moment Fatima does most of the baking and cake decorating herself, so she’s unable to run any classes. Do keep tuned for new projects as she might just surprise us!

Do you share your recipes?

We have daily emails asking for recipes of our products. All our product recipes have been invented by Fatima, modified and they have had hours spent on perfecting. For this reason we are unable to give away our most treasured recipes. Please just enjoy our treats without worrying how to make them

What is the storage life of your products?

We generally say our cakes keep fresh for three days, after that they start to dry out. Our cakes don’t contain fresh cream so they don’t need to be placed in the fridge, if you do prefer to place in the refrigerator, then please do take it out a couple of hours before serving, as its best served room temperature. Its best to order the cake for the day it will be consumed, so you can indulge in it whilst its still fresh.

Cookies have a longer shelf life, although they are best eaten fresh, they can keep well in an air tight container for up to a week!

How much glitter do you go through a day and is it toxic?

Even we’ve lost count of how much glitter we go through on a daily basis! We sprinkle that stuff EVERYWHERE! We use 100% non toxic glitter to bring your cakes alive. In this kitchen, we literally BREATH glitter!

Do you cater for allergies and gluten free diets?

We try our best to cater for allergies, however we do not have a gluten free selection as yet. We bake in a pretty small kitchen, which means we are working around nuts pretty closely.

Do you make egg free cakes?

We get many emails a week asking this question. Unfortunately here at The Bakeress HQ, we are all serious egg lovers. All our cakes, cookies, brownies and cheesecakes contain eggs. We get a delivery every few days from a local farm, who supply us with organic free range eggs. (Fancy that in London eh?!)

Do you offer taster sessions?

Our smallest size cake is a 6 inch which is £15 without personalisation, this is a good size to purchase if you’d just like to try the flavour. Unfortunately we don’t offer free tasters.

Can you replicate a design of another bakery if we send you a picture?

We are forever admiring the work of other cake companies, however we also love having our own style and flair. Just the way we aren't happy with other companies copy catting our designs, we respect that its only fair we don’t copy theirs. We not only consider ourselves bakers, but also designers, and some of the best moments in the bakery is when we get together to design a cake, that’s when we get most excited, as ideas are shared and created. By sending us a photo of another companies work, wanting it to be replicated, we would much prefer you contact the company which the original design was created by, as no one can make it look more original than the creator. Hope you can respect this

Do you offer bespoke design consultations?

If it’s a wedding cake you are after, its best to book in a consultation with us so we can go through your ideas and create the most unique cake for your event. However as you can imagine we get inundated with Consultation bookings, and some that don’t turn up sadly. For this reason we do have a £30.00 consultation fee. For smaller daily cakes we recommend placing an order by email.

Can we request cakes for charities?

As you can imagine we get asked for many donations, but sadly can not donate cakes to every email charity request. We do have a list of charities which we support annually.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 12pm to 7.30pm. We don’t allow collections after closing hours, as the bakery is run from a home, and Fatima needs to get into her PJ’S at some point!