As a little girl, The Bakeress spent her hours sitting crossed leg on the kitchen work top, very close to the gas (clearly no rules of danger back then), watching her mum add ingredients to a pot, like an enchantress making a special potion.

After finishing her degree in Science, She followed her dreams and attended National School of Baking where she was then trained by some of the countries leading British bakers, pastry chefs and culinary artists. After becoming a pastry chef, The Bakeress worked for The Hummingbird bakery in Portobello Road and South Kensington, London. She then went on to working for Konditor & Cook as a cake decorator.

In 2010, she took the plunge and so The Bakeress was born! She spent days and nights creating beautiful recipes, which she could bake, and share with everyone that needed some sweetness in their lives. She is known to work with her unique flavours and vibrant colours.

The little house bakery situated in Forestgate London, is simply a little world of magic. The Bakeress has a very small and carefully selected team working for this charming kitchen. After all these years, the bulk of the baking and cake decorating is still done by The Bakeress herself, however her Mum Shenaz is creative director and her dad Salim is the backbone of the business.

This quaint little bakery has now become a hidden gem Fatima once dreamt of, with regular and new customers walking through the door, as one would walk in to Narnia. Welcome to the World of The Bakeress. It’s one of pure imagination…